Module director

Rachel O. Wong, PhD
+1 206 616 3275

Module research scientist

Dan Possin, PhD
+1 206 724 1028


Shared instrumentation
JEOL 1230 Transmission Electron Microscope and Gatan digital camera (expected to be up and running by mid-October 2012)
Nikon E1000 wide-field microscope with deconvolution software
Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope
Leica CM 1850 Cryomicrotome
Leica 1000 E vibratome
Nikon 600 microscope
Tissue processing and preparation
RMC 6000 XL ultramicrotome
Embedding Oven

Electron microscopy (EM) tissue preparation and sectioning services

• Tissue fixation, dehydration and embedding appropriate for the desired EM techniques.

• Cutting and staining semi-thin and thin sections for investigators to examine by light and EM microscopy.

• For less experienced investigators, examining and taking images of sections, training of investigators and their lab personnel in the use of EM facility equipment, and in tissue processing.

• Performing specialized EM techniques such as immunogold labeling as required by investigators.

• Aligning and maintaining the JEOL 1230 for daily use by investigators experienced in EM.
Microscopy services (contact: Dan Possin)

• Scheduling, maintaining and providing routine service for the microscopes in this module.

• Training individuals in confocal tissue preparation and the Olympus FV1000 microscope, and the Nikon E1000 and E600 microscopes.

• Assisting users in obtaining satisfactory images on a daily basis.

• Assisting users in maximizing capability of dual CCD cameras on the Nikon wide field microscope.

• Advising and assisting users in image capture and deconvolution processing.

Image analysis services (contact: Dan Possin)

• Assisting and training users in use of Huygens deconvolution software.

• Assisting and training users in use of Adobe Creative Suite 4, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign and web/video tools.

• Assisting and training users in use of AMIRA and ImageJ software, as well as various custom software programs developed by individual users and shared with all interested users.

• Assisting and training users in working with digital images and image processing for publications and posters.